Why Vita SalutisTM?

We believe that most people have the power to
feel well and healthy.

No one can be healthy for you ...

... but we can help make it easier.

What is Vita SalutisTM?

A self-discovery experience to improve your well-being.

Premium content, tracking tools and personal progress
indicators help you to understand your context and set
your goals.

Vita SalutisTM is highly recommended to actively help
prevention of disease, particularly cardiovascular
conditions and diabetes.

Who can use Vita SalutisTM?

Anyone who wants to look after their well-being,
regardless of their current state of health ...
... even if you don't have much time to spend.

Any company that wants to encourage healthy habits
among its staff ...
... even if the budget isn't very big.

Any healthcare professional who wants to provide
effective remote care for their patients ...
... even if resources are limited.

Are you pregnant?

A quiet and safe motherhood is the best gift you can give
to yourself and to your baby.

Vita Salutis BabyTM is a practical online guide to
managing your pregnancy.


Security as well as privacy

We value trust and long-term relationships.

Our program is designed to an extremely high standard of
data security and with a rigorous privacy policy. It complies
with all data protection legal requirements in the US and EU.