About us

Take The Wind, founded in 2008, provides technology-enabled solutions and services to drive programs for well-being, active healthcare or problem prevention.

Our mission is to actively contribute to a new healthcare paradigm that supplies a better quality of life and well-being for everyone, regardless of their current health condition.

We understand health not just as a simple balance of wellness and sickness but as a personal practice and long-term commitment between professionals on the one side and individuals and their families on the other.

Our vision combines personal empowerment, self-monitoring instruments and professional services to contribute to a balanced lifestyle and better health outcomes.

In 2012, Take The Wind was awarded the “EMF Seal of e-Excellence in Digital Media” (first prize) for its Vita SalutisTM product line.

Vita SalutisTM and Vita Salutis BabyTM are registered trademarks of Take The Wind.