Business partners

A&D Company is a Japanese world-class producer of advanced measuring, monitoring, controlling and testing instruments. The company has established itself as a leader in home health monitoring technology through the development and introduction of a variety of unique products. A&D’s Medical blood pressure monitor line has garnered numerous industry awards including CHOICE recommendation. Other products include: digital thermometers, personal scales, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors.

Quintiles IMS is a leading provider of information, services and technology for the healthcare industry, covering markets in 100+ countries around the world. A market leader for more than 55 years, Quintiles IMS blends industry expertise and advanced technology to deliver accurate perspectives and in-depth analytics on healthcare dynamics. Main clients are decision makers in life sciences, payers, providers or policymakers.

Tic Touch is a Spanish IT company combining telemedicine solutions with continuous monitoring and support for patients. Tic Touch has broad experience in eHealth projects and development of proprietary technology, enabling the provision of advanced eHealth and eWellbeing services.