Well-being at the

What is the impact of well-being on my organization?

Employees with a low level of well-being can lead to very high healthcare costs and can lead to loss of revenue for your organization. In contrast, employees with a high level of well-being engage with their colleagues and customers, and can give your organization emotional, financial and competitive advantages.

What are the benefits of focusing on well-being in my organization?

Organizations that focus on the well-being of their employees have a significant advantage in attracting and retaining top talent. They can easily demonstrate how working for them leads to better relationships, more financial security, improved physical health and more involvement in the community.

What can the Vita SalutisTM Corporate Program do for my organization?

Vita SalutisTM brings a cost-effective approach supporting your team, implementing dynamic and highly effective well-being programs, regardless of the current size of your organization.

Our philosophy and tools are designed to empower your community of employees towards a healthier lifestyle, combining interaction with personal engagement within a manageable time frame.

The Vita SalutisTM Corporate Program combines a set of measuring devices and services to make your well-being program easy to implement and highly cost-effective.

Measuring Devices

Multi-User Monitoring Station for the Workplace

The Vita SalutisTM Monitoring Station allows employees to monitor essential biometric data such as weight, blood pressure and pulse without leaving the workplace and whenever appropriate, and automatically export data to each individual Vita SalutisTM account.

By constantly monitoring these data, users are motivated to pay closer attention to their own needs, which results in greater prevention of health problems and improved well-being.

Individual Activity Monitor

Your employees can track their daily activity with the Vita SalutisTM Individual Activity Monitor. The device automatically tracks distance, activity time and steps, and calculates the number of calories burned.

This wireless pedometer tracks these metrics with every step the user takes throughout the day, and automatically sends the data securely to each Vita SalutisTM individual account.


Personal Health Management Reports

Vita SalutisTM is not just about technology but, above all, about motivation and encouraging personal goals for a healthier lifestyle. Our services include a Personal Tracking Progress Report for each program participant, provided by our Health Advisory team. This report reviews each individual’s tracked data and provides recommendations about risk prevention.

Motivational Workshops

Motivational Workshops about “Stress Management”, “Giving Up Smoking” and “Healthy Nutrition”, among others, are offered according to the company's specific needs, motivating your staff towards managing behavior change and bringing positive energy to your community of employees.

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