Empowering professionals
towards a new paradigm

More and more customers are beginning to demand remote care. Remote care technologies mean less travel time, stress and costs for the patient. After an initial face-to-face meeting, remote care fosters a closer relationship with healthcare professionals, with great impact on the quality of life for each individual, their family and their community.

A new approach to preventive care
that can make a difference for individuals with cardiovascular conditions or who are at risk of chronic disease.

Vita SalutisTM eHealth solution combines individual
empowerment with a remote in-home monitoring solution,
with certified device integration.

Greater Interaction ...

... improves access, allowing professionals to expand their reach, beyond their own offices.

Stronger relationships ...

... increases loyalty, enabling better informed decision-making.

Better value ...

... means increased efficiency and lower costs, as a result of better management of chronic diseases, reduced travel times, and fewer or shorter hospital stays.

Vita SalutisTM is designed to an extremely high standard of data security
and with a rigorous privacy policy
. It complies with all legal requirements
for data protection and telecare services in the US and the EU.

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